5 Star Rating


We are so proud of our 5 star rating :)

Care Was Amazing

My Daughter attends the nursery and they have been amazing. She took a while to settle but the staff knowledge and care was amazing! They dod everything to help her settle and now she never wants to come home. She loves nursery and the app is amazing. Let's me know what she is up to and how she has been all day.

- Parent 2020

Fantastic Nursery

Fantastic nursery, the staff are so helpful. My son doesn’t cry when I drop him off. I’m so glad that I chose this nursery. They update the app all the time, so you know what your child has done on a daily basis. Thank you kinder giggles for being so great!

- Parent 2020

Settled In So Well

My children haven't been at Kinder Giggles for long but they've settled in so well and formed such good bonds with the staff already, even my fairly shy 3 year old who isn't always very confident and takes a while to come around to people. The nursery itself surprised me when we looked around as it's so much bigger than it looks from the outside and has a lovely outdoor area.

- Parent 2020

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Like A Family

After visiting a few nurseries in Tameside, Kinder Giggles felt the most like a family - like they would really care for my daughter and not just help her grow, but thrive. We put her in at only 9 months old and she has felt confident since the first induction sessions - she is always excited to go in and talks positively about the staff at home.

- Parent 2020

Couldn't Be Happier

Couldn't be happier with this nursery. My children love it and it is very homely and welcoming. The staff know my children really well. I love that observations are posted on the app throughout the day and I know what they have both ate. The food is healthy and nutritious and all the staff are so friendly.
Highly recommend Kinder Giggles!

- Parent 2020

So Welcoming And Loving

Both of my children attend this nursery. Both found the transition easy due to the staff being so welcoming and loving towards all of the children. It also made me going back to work so much easier as my mind was at rest.

- Parent 2020

Highly Recommended

Highly recommended! My second child attends this nursery and absolutely loves it. I wish the nursery had been around for my first child! My little boys walks into nursery confident and happy which makes going to work that little bit easier in the morning. If he did get upset, all staff are quick to comfort and cuddle him, which he loves!

He is provided with warm, healthy meals and snacks, lots of activities and structure to his day. They play lots outside and his confidence and development has progressed so much since starting. He has strong relationships with all the staff and they all know him so well. Staff are all approachable and friendly plus professional. I am always updated on his behaviour and development progress. They provide education and life skill support to ensure my boy is school ready! He is still in the toddler room at the moment but what I have seen of pre school it is great quality! :) thanks Kinder Giggles!

- Parent 2020

Absolutely Loves It

My daughter has been going here for a few months now, she absolutely loves it!

Was worried about her going nursery at first as we are very hands-on parents, always taking her places, and she's used to having all our attention. However this nursery keeps her so busy with baking, arts and crafts, and playing out and park visits that she doesn't even miss us! She asks every weekend, when she's off, when can she go again?

Also love how they put how much she's eaten on an online profile every day for us to see. And nearly daily pictures of what she's enjoying.

And she loves her dinners, all home cooked healthy diverse meals. She likes all the staff, especially her key worker Ashley.

- Parent 2020